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Risk framework/governance and reviews

ADM can assist firms with the design, development and continued evolution of risk governance structures, risk frameworks and risk processes (including policies and procedures).

With a focus on the Pillar 2 supervisory process, ADM has already developed a suite of risk benchmarks presented as a series of working templates and used these to assess the health of a client’s risk framework/governance, the completeness of a client’s ICAAP submission and project design, and the robustness of its credit risk management.

The templates are adapted for each client and are modified/updated to reflect the needs of the client and changes in regulatory focus. These risk benchmarks are informed by Anita Millar’s experience as an auditor for Northern Trust.

ADM’s early projects for a brokerage business were concerned with the structure and content of the client’s risk framework. ADM also contributed to the response of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) to the UK Parliamentary Commission’s July 2012 call for evidence on Banking Standards, focusing on governance and professional standards.

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